Macro Photography of Ordinary Objects

Two weeks I go I experimented with some macro photography. There are so many ordinary macro shots out there and I challenged myself to make a few unique photographs. Thinking to myself, what could I do to make ordinary objects stand out, I thought about capturing motion close up. I did this in a few ways. One I found object that had some kind of motion like an hourglass, I tried spraying and capturing water, and I even tried dropping and throwing objects. Let me just warn you getting a moving close up shot is tricky when doing macro. My advice would be to have a wide focal range or don’t use a large macro tube or filter. On my image of the sprinkles I cropped in tighter on my image to get more details. I had to zoom out just a tad more than I wanted to make sure I could get the motion of the falling sprinkles in focus. Dave Evans has some amazing close up photography on his webpage. His images are of small insects but they are amazing! Go check out his motion macro shots!



While motion macro photography is all fun and games the classic still life macro photography still always sparks my inner art lover. I just absolutely love the blur you get from the macro tubes that I use. Experimenting with light and macro can also be a fun challenge, I used speed lights for all but my last image of the fly fishing gear. I loved the effect, it is a must try!